RANDOM BRAWLERS on RANDOM MAPS! Lucky or Unlucky?! Spin the Wheel!

30 nov. 2020
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RANDOM BRAWLERS on RANDOM MAPS! Lucky or Unlucky?! Spin the Wheel!
Here we spin the wheel of fortune in brawl stars to decide what random brawler we play, and what random game mode we play! We also, of course, play with random team mates. Do we get unlucky or lucky?? Thanks for watching this video and I hope you enjoy!
#CoachCory #BrawlStars
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  • Didn't put "GIVEAWAY" in title or SEO so that this giveaway is more for the loyal viewers I'll pick the winner in a few days and will announce it in a community post!

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  • 1:24 Oh you thought THAT was bad.

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  • Coach Cory: I will announce the winner in few days Me: it’s been 3 weeks 😐😶

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  • Coach Cory: I will give away a Demonic Bo skin IF I lose. Bad Maps (and Shelly with super): I'm about to end this man's whole career.

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  • Subbed

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  • Coach Cory:Random brawler with random maps! Me:Click on it cuz the picture is beautiful Shelly:Am I a joke to u?

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  • I always loved these kinds of videos. Im glad you did them again

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    • Glad you like them!

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  • Really want this skin!! Help me find some luck coach cory!

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  • 1:22 Literally how I feel every map I play in mapmaker

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  • Cory: Sad to play with randoms Me: Who has no friends 🙁

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  • If only they can put a game mode can play random brawler

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  • Still can’t get over how high quality your camera is compared to your old one! HD Cory!

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  • Cory: if u lose.. Me: oh no way:✓

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