5 dec. 2020
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Here I go over some of the biggest glitches, bugs, and exploits to happen in brawl stars!
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  • Ok, so uh, I accidentally deleted the outro.. pls ignore also check out part #1 here :

    Coach Cory - Brawl StarsCoach Cory - Brawl StarsAcum lună
    • K

      LATIKESH NaikLATIKESH NaikAcum lună
    • U missed primo suplex Sup glitch

      Asherthesavage playsrobloxAsherthesavage playsrobloxAcum lună
    • Lol

      Fire - Brawl StarsFire - Brawl StarsAcum lună
    • You forgot the El Primo gadget glitch in boss fight where you suplex the boss into water XD

      Chunky HonkerChunky HonkerAcum lună
    • @AyaanirGaming you can't get more pins you can just get them through the brawl pasa

      G10-1Abner AmblerG10-1Abner AmblerAcum lună
  • I already know that glitch for the phoenix Crow

    Елеонора КачоринаЕлеонора КачоринаAcum 16 Zile
  • This glitch's deleted...

    Egor Brawl Stars RobloxEgor Brawl Stars RobloxAcum 23 Zile
  • Mortis robo rumble doesn't work. Every robo has hidden countdown where they stop chasing a Player and speed up where vault is. Trust me, I tried that. It takes 1 mins and 30 secs for you to lose

    Zena NakazatoZena NakazatoAcum 25 Zile
  • U forgot the glitch where primo gadgets the boss in boss fight in a specific area of water. It was pretty cool!

    Dastid MecajDastid MecajAcum 26 Zile
  • When you place water in map maker the first block has no lines but once I saw the water like this in a map

    Heather Rose OgilvieHeather Rose OgilvieAcum lună
  • I know leg which brawl starpower

    Abdullah AmmarAbdullah AmmarAcum lună
  • Coach Cory watch meme review #46

    Nazmin NasalNazmin NasalAcum lună
  • Robo rumble : IM THE GAMEMODE WITH MORE GLITCHES!!! Brawl ball in beta: NO IM Brawl maker : Let me introduce myself~

    Candy :DCandy :DAcum lună
  • 6:29 does this glitch work yet?

    Aquabi GamingAquabi GamingAcum lună
  • No primo boss fight glitch

    James WentlandJames WentlandAcum lună
  • 1:00 This happened to me, but we were to busy spinning to play and we lost 😂

    CK Shadow BSCK Shadow BSAcum lună
  • Umm where is the boss fight glitch that El primo can throw the boss onto the rivers?

    TrashSkillz-D and ETrashSkillz-D and EAcum lună
  • Yay im getting brawl pass

    Son& mumSon& mumAcum lună
  • I think he forgot the boss fight when primo use his gadget then nita pick all the cubes and 8 bit has turret and the bear of nita is really power ful with cubes and the 8 bit turret

    RM - 06VK 845715 Fallingbrook MSRM - 06VK 845715 Fallingbrook MSAcum lună
    • Primo gets the boss stuck

      RM - 06VK 845715 Fallingbrook MSRM - 06VK 845715 Fallingbrook MSAcum lună
    • Sorry he gets the boss stuck

      RM - 06VK 845715 Fallingbrook MSRM - 06VK 845715 Fallingbrook MSAcum lună
  • What about when el primo could suplex boss into water

    Smita TrivediSmita TrivediAcum lună
  • Can i get a F for corys outro

    Fire - Brawl StarsFire - Brawl StarsAcum lună
  • Where 100 meme review

    Yassh playsYTYassh playsYTAcum lună
  • Those were the good days when barley could put all of his super on top each fireball

    human bananashuman bananasAcum lună
  • Wait a minute today is Sunday

    Connor RuggConnor RuggAcum lună
  • I can also tell this series is going to be fun!🤩😋

    Koren BarnesKoren BarnesAcum lună

    Random Stuff LOLRandom Stuff LOLAcum lună
  • You forgot to mention an exploit with carl in boss fight where he sit next to a wall and the boss and spam his shot to deal insane damage.

    Theodore IvanTheodore IvanAcum lună
  • I miss those El Primo glitches in Boss Fight where you could get the Boss stuck by using your gadget and also the Sprout glitch in Robo Rumble, where one of your super walls would go inside the safe not allowing the bots to deal damage to the safe and also allow you to be safe in that small gap with your teammates who were Bos with their totem gadget.

    Min-ho KimMin-ho KimAcum lună
  • Where’s meme review 100?

    Hallo GamingHallo GamingAcum lună
    • Yea

      Hallo GamingHallo GamingAcum lună
    • Yeah maybe he forgot to upload it

      Nikkeboi 123Nikkeboi 123Acum lună
    • @Elyas Abdi ?

      Hallo GamingHallo GamingAcum lună
    • 1 pm right

      Elyas AbdiElyas AbdiAcum lună

    I Smell SomethingI Smell SomethingAcum lună
  • everyone: waiting for meme review 100 meanwhile cory: im a end everyones whole career

    King PhoenixKing PhoenixAcum lună
  • at 4:16, the *robo* be like : **WHATT?!?! HACCCCCC**

    BullCharge BSBullCharge BSAcum lună
  • "It didn't give you any advantage, but it was huge"--- That's what she said

    Amitoj Partap SinghAmitoj Partap SinghAcum lună
  • Ah the times when you could stack Barley's super, good ol' days

    Alex Gam1031DAlex Gam1031DAcum lună
  • When is meme review 100?

    Polish CowPolish CowAcum lună
  • The last glitch is fire

    Isaac OluseunIsaac OluseunAcum lună
  • Hey where is meme review 100

    Dragos OracDragos OracAcum lună
  • Never thought this was gonna get a pt. 2

    Verified YouTubersVerified YouTubersAcum lună
  • Fun Fact : this is secretly a brawl stars rewind.

    SkyralSkyralAcum lună
    • More like Brawl Stars rewind with glitches....

      Jeffery Official •BS•Jeffery Official •BS•Acum lună
  • İm in the first 500 yaaaaaaaaaayyyyy

    MemoMali 940MemoMali 940Acum lună
  • darryl starpower + mortis= everytime mortis dash he got a shield

    Konstantin Mikha UnamoKonstantin Mikha UnamoAcum lună
  • a boss fight glitch you forgot was primo throwing the boss into a water thing with gadget and he couldn’t move

    Alex AnAlex AnAcum lună
  • Today is meme review 100

    Saif HumaidSaif HumaidAcum lună
  • Thats Not glitches , Thats hacker, illegal ! Lol

    Zou LoeZou LoeAcum lună
  • Nostalgia (-_-)

    amal prasadamal prasadAcum lună
  • 1:03 IG that still exists

  • The El Primo and the Frank was not a Glitch it was being smart :V

    ShadowMCShadowMCAcum lună
  • I Thought This Was Meme Review

    ThemainlyRAT ChannelThemainlyRAT ChannelAcum lună
  • Lol

    DitroDitroAcum lună
  • You said part 100 is ganna uplode is 1:00 coach

    kurt cyrus1kurt cyrus1Acum lună
  • When is Meme Review 100

    Classic DinoClassic DinoAcum lună
  • Where is the EPIC meme review 100?? Wasn't it going to be today?

    Yashu S.Yashu S.Acum lună
    • Ignore this if it's a time zone issue Mine is IST

      Yashu S.Yashu S.Acum lună
  • you can double jump in mid air, and I did it twice. What would happen is that I would use dynamike with his star power of course, and a primo would jump on you, blasting you in the air, but before that you use a super so when the primo jumps, you go in mid-air then jump again in midair with your super jump. The second one is when you place your super, then a bull charges at you, and after the bull charges at you, your super makes you jump again in mid air

    BLANK - Brawl StarsBLANK - Brawl StarsAcum lună
  • Cory u forgot That dino one

    Xx_Evil_xXXx_Evil_xXAcum lună
  • I feel old😢

    Ivan GarciaIvan GarciaAcum lună
  • Why didn’t u mention the boss fight glitch where el primo used gadget to throw the boss into the water, and he would get stuck there? So many people got to insane 16 with this glitch

    T RT RAcum lună
  • A little late but tomorrow tomorrow meme review tomorrow 😋

    Melissa WilkinsMelissa WilkinsAcum lună
  • People who miss old cory 👇

    IffyOgKing -IffyOgKing -Acum lună
  • im hyped for meme review 100 tomorrow

    Mojo JrMojo JrAcum lună
  • How do you even do star power glitches I am so confused I just joined the game in gift shop and I am only 15k can someone explain to me?

    Niffler YTNiffler YTAcum lună
  • You forgot the Supercity Rampage glitch, was pretty good for the time that it lasted and was relatively easy

    Dead Pickle Chin Ah BoiDead Pickle Chin Ah BoiAcum lună
  • oh the last glitch good days when we could stack barleys super for 13k damage :P i miss them

    PerryPerryAcum lună
  • umm im not og but when the ball hit water what will happen? edit:thats not zero health the front number is glitched

    Zdxnish GamingZdxnish GamingAcum lună
  • It is as beautiful as the day we lost it

    Nilo EspirituNilo EspirituAcum lună
  • I love this new series, it was time to give glitches it's deserved place

    JcrackJcrackAcum lună
  • 2:39 thats what she said🤣

    Cristof GajadharCristof GajadharAcum lună
  • I love it when I order food and see a Coach Cory vid. Nice.

    Alberto BernalAlberto BernalAcum lună
  • Meme review 100 tomorrow

    Zhongming TengZhongming TengAcum lună

    Extreme DemonExtreme DemonAcum lună
  • That one in 6:40 still works

    Pablo RodartePablo RodarteAcum lună
  • I like yhe coiled snake for Tick cause to beat enemies easier in bounty

    Noisy HunterNoisy HunterAcum lună
  • LOOOL i Just got the Piper baking granates advertising on this Brawl Stars vid

    koen de graaffkoen de graaffAcum lună
  • That brock shooting before match starts was not a glitch!.. its a hack! they enabled hold to shoot line (which is made for amber) to brock

    Samanta PunzalanSamanta PunzalanAcum lună
  • I don’t think you guys know how good it feels to get ❤️ by Cory (my fav BS youtuber) you should like, sub, and comment for yourself

    Poisoned IsaacPoisoned IsaacAcum lună
  • I like this series

    Jules MarchantJules MarchantAcum lună
  • Forgot the el primo boss fight glitch...

    Jacoby JacksonJacoby JacksonAcum lună
  • 1:23 This should be added to map maker! So you can edit the team ratios

    eli mitchelleli mitchellAcum lună
  • Ur vids are awesome

    Mocho_psMocho_psAcum lună
  • Totally not late :)

    Nathaniel GamingNathaniel GamingAcum lună
  • Part 3 pls

    Harold Hunter GamingHarold Hunter GamingAcum lună
  • I love Glitching

    Kesi ChristopherKesi ChristopherAcum lună
  • Who else waiting for 💣 . Nothing😑

    M1X1M :Y TM1X1M :Y TAcum lună
  • Everyone's excited for tommorow

    NeedlessZzz1NeedlessZzz1Acum lună
    • 11 hrs left

      Verified YouTubersVerified YouTubersAcum lună
  • 7:22 Now imagine if extra toxic was in the game at this time

    Khris XDKhris XDAcum lună
  • Im so excited for meme review 100!

    Porky ForkyPorky ForkyAcum lună
  • i remember all the glitch

    Bilal RamtaniBilal RamtaniAcum lună
  • No super city rampage glitches :(

    Jeffy Mobile GamingJeffy Mobile GamingAcum lună
  • Hey Cory, there was a glitch after Amber was released were sprout could move boxes with her super, it was patched 6 days after amber was released.

    cccTron5cccTron5Acum lună

    cute_Scarr Gamescute_Scarr GamesAcum lună
  • Ahhhh yes the good old glitches of brawl stars.

    Erad NightErad NightAcum lună
  • At some point there was a bug that allowed Dynamike to crash servers by using his gadget in the corner of the map. I have a video about it on my channel.

    CHILI GamingCHILI GamingAcum lună
  • Primo gadget with his gadget on robo rumble: am I a joke to you?

    SS KimSS KimAcum lună
  • I had 3 tame mates

    Cynthia RobertsonCynthia RobertsonAcum lună
  • After All These Years (Part 2 of glitches) Is finally back

    ᴀᴋᴀ.웃유ᴀᴘo̶l̶o̶ シ -Gamesᴀᴋᴀ.웃유ᴀᴘo̶l̶o̶ シ -GamesAcum lună

    Very SpecialVery SpecialAcum lună
  • You missed the primo glitch in boss fight

    Geometry VoidGeometry VoidAcum lună
  • I can't wait for tomorrow for meme review 100

    felipe flipsfelipe flipsAcum lună
  • Meme review 100?

    Paolo Di girolamoPaolo Di girolamoAcum lună
  • Can you shout me out plz I am starting ROones and want a good start

    P0W3RP0W3RAcum lună
  • But what about meme review 100?

    Ved PlayzVed PlayzAcum lună
  • New series pog?

    Rng BSRng BSAcum lună
  • Lots of these are exploits not glitches

    Post Script BSPost Script BSAcum lună
  • We had 16 teamates

    FBI AgentFBI AgentAcum lună
  • 7:27 remember those times when barley's super damage was stacked

    артём двореченцевартём двореченцевAcum lună
    • Good times 😌