Why New Brawler Amber Was Sent to HELL | Brawl Stars Meme Review #88

18 oct. 2020
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Why New Brawler Amber Was Sent to HELL | Brawl Stars Meme Review #88
Welcome to Brawl Stars Meme Review, where we review the best memes for brawl stars of the past few weeks from the brawl stars reddit. I hope you enjoy these brawl stars funny moments and fails and thanks for watching
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  • "you don't need to make weird comments everytime you see art of a female brawler" Jesse, you say that just because you are a female

    Eduard MuscariEduard MuscariAcum 4 Zile
  • Is no one going to talk about 2:56

    Mc GangFlangMc GangFlangAcum 4 Zile
  • Colgate is a toothpaste in India

    Somnath HalderSomnath HalderAcum 6 Zile
  • Lord I miss that old music

    The WebMasterThe WebMasterAcum 7 Zile
  • Bo and amber are both in hell why?

    wizerdwizerdAcum 7 Zile
  • Archivillain bea still not in game

    Le Creeper KiFaitPeurLe Creeper KiFaitPeurAcum 9 Zile
  • You or so fun wit rimes

    Philip VanstreelsPhilip VanstreelsAcum 14 Zile
  • I know it doesnt relate to anything in this video but think about a sans poco skin: instead of a guitar it has a gaster blaster floating above his shoulder that shoots lasers and for his super projectiles they are just like words that spell DETERMINATION. Sorry if i complicated it or somthing like that

    Dank DPSDank DPSAcum 15 Zile
  • Cory:use code cory Kairos:use code kairos Rey:use code rey Tom:use code tom Lex:use code lex Rey! Cory, cory, lex! Kairos! Lex! Tom!

    pitekppitekpAcum 16 Zile
  • Me : i want lou Someone : why? Is it cuz he's chromatic? Me : nah, i want him cuz creators said he is cool in his description

    Канат СулейменовКанат СулейменовAcum 20 Zile
  • Dit kanaal heeft goede memes, maar ga voor gamevideo's naar GAMEFAN 123. En abonneer ook pls. Alvast bedankt.

    GAMEFAN 123GAMEFAN 123Acum 26 Zile
  • Your the reason my brother won't play with me

    grants daily vlogsgrants daily vlogsAcum 28 Zile
  • Can anyone say what the word amber says means -----》 moikaliente 《----------- what is that

  • Yes Sacraface

    solomoon13610solomoon13610Acum lună

    Sevda TuncerSevda TuncerAcum lună
  • Me:opens brawl stars Also me in the shop:me sliding sideways to type in code Corey My tablet:dies Me:charges Also again me:100% charge Me:Me spinning and charging everywhere My tablet:walks awkwardly Me:looks at my iPad Also meh:me raging in madness also mehhhh:me walking around the whole house Tablet:*scared* Me finds tablet takes and opens tablet and spams the brawl stars game My brain:Wth u are crazy gurl Also me:0-0 Me:uses code corey me opens my Left over boxes gets a flash on every box gets all the chromatic süper rare and all the other brawlers HBXLFNBIFLXJGILFXJFGXLI YAYAYYAYAYAYYAYAYAY

    Sevda TuncerSevda TuncerAcum lună
  • 1:49 Congrats. Mr Cory, you have gotten the first ‘double unapproved then approved’ pize

    我們青年是你們的未來我們青年是你們的未來Acum lună
  • Holy.......... -content unapproved-

    我們青年是你們的未來我們青年是你們的未來Acum lună
    • *content unapproved x2- Congrats. Cory, you have received the first ‘double unapproved’ prize in the history of Brawl Stars.

      我們青年是你們的未來我們青年是你們的未來Acum lună
  • I saw the Leon pins me:🤬

    Sawyer DeloreySawyer DeloreyAcum lună
  • E

    Ephraim G.Ephraim G.Acum lună
  • 999th

    Ephraim G.Ephraim G.Acum lună
  • To 1000

    Roberti sRoberti sAcum lună
  • O

    Roberti sRoberti sAcum lună
  • G

    Roberti sRoberti sAcum lună
  • Comments

    Roberti sRoberti sAcum lună
  • The

    Roberti sRoberti sAcum lună
  • Making

    Roberti sRoberti sAcum lună
  • I'm

    Roberti sRoberti sAcum lună
  • Ok ok who ever made the amber and dominoc bo meme is underworld bo

    Jayren CamachoJayren CamachoAcum lună
  • 5:55 well we need to comment weird things if she has frog feets

    Ryan HajjarRyan HajjarAcum lună
  • Can we all agree that amber is broken now......?

    Aditya SainathAditya SainathAcum 2 luni
  • Amber: Wait why did I end up in hell Bo: you just put the place on fire and I came By me :3

    Jr VegaJr VegaAcum 2 luni
  • 990 comment

    Dan LinDan LinAcum 2 luni
  • 5:36 and the best thing is, when you know someone is gonna do that trap, but you use leon's invisibility to get the milkshake first.

    QuipoQuipoAcum 2 luni
  • 6:25 D I S CO V E R E D NOT I N V E N T E D

    ZolxZolxAcum 2 luni
  • The new brawler in the brawl pass has a crush on spike

    Eric ChungEric ChungAcum 2 luni
  • Meme college likes spike

    Eric ChungEric ChungAcum 2 luni
  • I got Amber yesterday

    NGFan830NGFan830Acum 2 luni
  • k a i r os code kairos in the brawl stars shop

    Huberson MathurinHuberson MathurinAcum 2 luni
  • *I wish she does not get to hell…………*

    我們青年是你們的未來我們青年是你們的未來Acum 2 luni
  • Best and Fresh Memes all the time? Here's Meme Review #89

    Asel AbellonAsel AbellonAcum 2 luni

    Paliden GamerPaliden GamerAcum 2 luni
  • I sandy gay or a girl or a boy

    Rizky gaming chanelRizky gaming chanelAcum 2 luni
  • Baby colt and Shelly in a nutshell:(shoots everywhere especially her freind)

    The duo of gelatin Turkey and englishThe duo of gelatin Turkey and englishAcum 2 luni
  • liek me comment ⬇

    Reinhart Anderson Ha HanesReinhart Anderson Ha HanesAcum 2 luni
  • ',:)

    Dav1dDav1dAcum 2 luni
  • 8:21 If you think about it, the body is green so that means the person who made the meme is throwing, so its actually you who is the best thrower. 200 IQ plays

    Parro TiestParro TiestAcum 2 luni
  • Me wanting to know what happens when Amber has the ball:🧐🧐

    Mark SorianoMark SorianoAcum 2 luni
  • Amber in brawl stars is like the gwendolin in bloons td6

    Hesham HeroHesham HeroAcum 2 luni
  • Me: 'Bos gadget got nerfed' Kairos: 'You cant self score anymore' Me: 'Who we talking about'

    Waddle DeeWaddle DeeAcum 2 luni
  • Now that i looked at my teeth from close after using colgate and i noticed it looks like that, i will use colgate continuously..

    FreshCreMemesFreshCreMemesAcum 2 luni
  • amber kicking the ball takes just 1 projectile

    Joel PrangeJoel PrangeAcum 2 luni
  • How i see brawl ball quest:100 tokens How randoms see it:trolls and pass it to the othere teams goal

    Felix AquiFelix AquiAcum 2 luni
  • 9:42 lets be honest golden barley looks better than true golden

    FarnyFarnyAcum 2 luni
  • My 7 Yr old friends when they see the intro OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH

    faruk TSP9faruk TSP9Acum 2 luni
  • What would happen if star power glithes were still in the game and you put brock’s second starpower on amber!?

    Rick PeekstokRick PeekstokAcum 2 luni

    XxknifephinixX UwUXxknifephinixX UwUAcum 2 luni
  • Algem portugues

    Eduardo MacielEduardo MacielAcum 2 luni
  • bloons td 6 is the beest

    PenguinPlayz YoutubePenguinPlayz YoutubeAcum 2 luni
  • whats the point of brawl stars meme review of some of these are not brawl stars?

    Leons VetraLeons VetraAcum 2 luni
  • Sans Rosa

    Cereal PocoCereal PocoAcum 2 luni
  • I’d be happy with this leon pins

    Ramen CatRamen CatAcum 2 luni
  • I am someone’s favorite brawler!

    Leon LittlefootLeon LittlefootAcum 2 luni
  • 7 stages of Ad

    Megalomations YTMegalomations YTAcum 2 luni
  • Hi

    PikaBlazePikaBlazeAcum 2 luni
  • Meme review 89 Is gonna come anytime

    Mecha paladin SurgeMecha paladin SurgeAcum 2 luni
  • The memes are so repetitive after a moment. That is why this series is going to die.

    FurbaitFurbaitAcum 2 luni

    Xiva_ _Xiva_ _Acum 2 luni
  • 3.05 did he say 2009?

    Atticus MorrisAtticus MorrisAcum 2 luni
  • When is meme review 100?

    Ochaco UrarakaOchaco UrarakaAcum 2 luni
  • 3:06 You said "2009"

    Claudiu _ RClaudiu _ RAcum 2 luni
  • A gonna get r/wished for this the brain was discouraged in 1756 but it dos

    Misty RosamaryMisty RosamaryAcum 2 luni
  • The reason Leon was nerfed, was because 9 year olds were jealous they did not have him and complained that he was too op when being fought agains

    RandyRandyAcum 2 luni
  • Archvillain bea is coming We’re guaranteed So just be happy

    Majorman92Majorman92Acum 2 luni
  • “Sacriface”

    I’m the best At nothingI’m the best At nothingAcum 2 luni
  • 00:25 wait a minute....

    PrehistoricCraft & Fakemon ForeverPrehistoricCraft & Fakemon ForeverAcum 2 luni
  • 6:22 Me realising the update stops this crap right here: :PPPPPP

    Withered BonnieWithered BonnieAcum 2 luni
  • 7:38 is damn accurate

    Swapnil ShetyeSwapnil ShetyeAcum 2 luni
  • I assure you arch villain bea will come out in the next update in November i bet you that

    ya boi 096ya boi 096Acum 2 luni
    • Plz heart ❤ or reply back please 🙏

      ya boi 096ya boi 096Acum 2 luni
  • Yesterday i got sandy, and me seeing sandys gadget is op in graveyard shift = NOICE

    Martin KocovMartin KocovAcum 2 luni
  • I just chugged a hole bottle of water after eating Spivey biryani

    Nikutron GamerNikutron GamerAcum 2 luni
  • Oh hey my first meme on meme review and he rates it 8.5 :D

    Harsh soniHarsh soniAcum 2 luni
  • XD

  • If i get hearted here supercell will reset the shop at 11:59 tommorow

    Confused painConfused painAcum 2 luni
  • Coach cori: How i lost trophis in 2019 Duoble tokeen Me: ITZ A SDAR TOKEEN (Intonsionatley Wronug Qriting Beacasue I Sreamig At Mye Phon)

    Marian StanilaMarian StanilaAcum 2 luni
  • Amber acctually says this is fine

    Stephen ChoiStephen ChoiAcum 2 luni
  • fun fact: level 6 pam can heal faster than the damage in life leech

    Jacob VillaltaJacob VillaltaAcum 2 luni
  • lol at 3:36 is literally true, when i have low health and im near tick's bombs i would never go across those

    Pat-patPat-patAcum 2 luni
  • But like if the legendaries aren’t atleast a bit more strong then what’s the point their amazing super.???? Ok fair point I guess

    Toxic_PersonToxic_PersonAcum 2 luni
  • Hahaha when the 7 stages popped up Verizon 5G comes up.

    Ben MBen MAcum 2 luni
  • do u know dani is brazilian???

    bonecodoposto 45bonecodoposto 45Acum 2 luni
  • 4:06 What happened to Bibi

    Charizard902 GamingCharizard902 GamingAcum 2 luni
  • 00:22 Little did you know... IT'S ONE OF HER VOICELINES

    NightNightAcum 2 luni
  • Wait who said spike wasn’t a female cactus!

    SR PixlSR PixlAcum 2 luni
  • 0:30 gave me nightmares

    Kirb Is The BestKirb Is The BestAcum 2 luni
  • Next intro idea : What to do when everything is not fine ? Ofc meme review 89 !!

    Ekansh DesaiEkansh DesaiAcum 2 luni
  • Can you use this intro in the next meme review? I'm in the night and I'm watching videos as a knight And I'm watching meme review 89

    Marshall_Gacha123Marshall_Gacha123Acum 2 luni
  • We're almost to Meme Review 100!!!!!!!!

    John244-YT AKA RexyJohn244-YT AKA RexyAcum 2 luni
  • Can we have a 'yeahhhhhhh' counter on all of these vids?

    Last LandLast LandAcum 2 luni
  • 0:55 then I should be in hell

    Isaac OluseunIsaac OluseunAcum 2 luni